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* Lynn Becker:

Aaron, like a lot of us, went through some tough times, but his tuba was his lifeline. I remember him lugging his 35-pound horn onto the bus on the way to the day's gig. I remember how he always had a smile and a warm greeting that brightened up the day. He told me of taking lessons with the CSO's great tuba player Arnold Jacobs, and he would have tears in his eyes telling me how Jacobs looked past the color of Aaron's skin at a time when race-based barriers were still very real, barriers without which Aaron's career might have taken a very different turn.

* Lee Bey:

The Pill Hill subdivision of the Calumet Heights neighborhood on the city’s South Side is one of the more remarkable Postwar efforts to build an architecturally modern, suburban style subdivision within city limits.

* Steven Vance:

In Chicago, one could live without a suspension fork, and fewer than 21 gears. For $370, you’re going to wish they included lights, fenders, a kickstand, and a rack to carry your beach bag. In civilized places, bikes come fully equipped.

* Dmitry Samarov:

The pace slowed to a crawl and awareness of details such as lanes and reasonable following distances were jettisoned in favor of white-knuckled survival techniques. They were oblivious to all of this of course, preoccupied as they were with an in-depth analysis of the underage girls they’d been chatting up by the lakefront volleyball courts. Side streets eventually got us to their destination just as winds began to whip the downpour sideways and the sky turned a sick green-gray.