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Of Course There's a Dance Single About Vuvuzelas


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The recent outbreak of World Cup Fever has been accompanied by a simultaneous outbreak of Vuvuzela Fever, or more accurately Cut It Out With the Vuvuzelas Fever. I'm not going to get into the politics of vuvuzela hate, other than to note that most of what I've seen on the Internet is along the lines of "LOL foreign cultures" or "someone please make these foreign people stop doing this thing that is popular in their foreign country because I don't like it." I will say that I'm on the side of the vuvuzela blowers, because I like their enthusiasm and I really like that they're annoying those guys who are ostentatiously into "football." (Side note: Why are people so into soccer when hockey is faster, everyone's on ice skates, and they frequently break for fistfights? It makes no sense.)

Anyhow, because vuvuzelas are something everyone's talking about right now, there is of course a novelty dance music song about vuvuzelas coming out of the UK. The British novelty-dance-music industry is all about timeliness at the expense of pretty much everything else, and the song is predictably terrible. Though I will point out that the B-flat drone of the typical vuvuzela is perfectly suited to trance music.

"Blow That Vuvuzela" by the Voodoo Sellers comes out tomorrow on iTunes, but the video's already up on YouTube. It's after the jump.