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Kidz in the Adz


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The Internet is a massive and indiscriminate recombination machine. On top of the untold thousands of people out there sampling, remixing, and doing other postmodern things to sounds, words, and images in the name of art or commentary, there are God knows how many more with shadowier purposes. The Google alert I have set up for my name sometimes goes off when something I wrote ends up included in a chunk of text meant as cover to help spammers beat filters. Naledge, of the local hip-hop duo Kidz in the Hall, recently enjoyed the privilege of having a promo photo "sampled" by some nameless design drone hired to make banner ads—very scammy-seeming and vaguely racist banner ads—for what appears to be a get-rich-quick scheme.

Check him out in his new role as an involuntary pitch man after the jump.

Naledge as a proudly Ivy League educated quasi-nerd who's frequently lumped in with the vaguely defined "hipster-hop" movement:


Naledge as, apparently, a former KFC employee giving the A-OK to an operation that you almost definitely shouldn't share your e-mail address with:


This isn't exactly what people mean when they say that musicians should pursue advertising as a revenue stream.

(via Byron Crawford)