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Late Night Performance Art With M.I.A.


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There's been so much talk and meta-talk about how disappointing M.I.A.'s new album is that it's starting to remind me of when Chinese Democracy dropped. But the good parts of Slash-Backslash-Slash-Backslash-Slash-Backslash-Y-Slash-Backslash are really good. And by "good parts" I pretty much just mean "Born Free," which is as daring, vital, and compelling as the rest of the material isn't. And though approximately 80 percent of M.I.A.'s image-crafting stunts annoy me, she still nails it every once in a while. Playing a Suicide-sampling digi-punk song on a late-night talk show with Suicide's Martin Rev on keys, our homeboy Butchy Fuego on drums, and a small army of M.I.A. clones as backup dancers definitely counts as nailing it.

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