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Enforcing Ennglish English in Homer Township


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The leaders of Homer Township—in Will County, in the southwest suburbs—have brought a little bit of Arizona to the metro Chicago area, passing a resolution declaring English as their official language. As Fox News Chicago reports, township clerk Steve Balich, a resolution backer, admits that Homer doesn’t even have an immigrant "problem," but "you have to start somewhere and so we’re starting here.” He hopes other places will learn about the resolution and “have the courage to stand up and do the same thing.”

Fox reports that Balich is “very active” in the Tea Party movement. A look at the Homer/Lockport Tea Party’s website suggests that Balich might want to start there with enforcing the new resolution.

On the front page are the typos “preevering” and “thhe”—as in, "Preerving Our Freedom - Picnic Rally," and "Glenn Beck at thhe Sears Centre." On the right side of the page, a hyperlink takes you to the “Illinois General Assemble.” Inexplicable, inconsistent usage of upper-case letters, such as “To be Updated,” possibly demands its own resolution.

But why clean up your own grammar and syntax when you can just bash other people’s? As former Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James might say, “It makes sense ... does it to YOU?”