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Not Getting It


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The Tribune editorial page weighs in—ever so lightly— on the decreasing popularity of Mayor Daley (which, as Steve Rhodes sagely points out, doesn't remotely mean he'll lose):

But there are other drags on the mayor's performance for which he can blame only himself. One is a sagging reputation for efficiency. The city's parking meter privatization deal led to soaring rates and malfunctioning machines that infuriated motorists.

Sigh. The rates were inevitably going to rise, and should have. Part of the reason for the deal, I continue to believe, was the city's unwillingness to sensibly raise the rates their own selves; the meters weren't just privatized, so was the political will to raise the rates. The "sagging reputation for efficiency" has a lot more to do with big picture issues than rates and malfunctioning meters implies.

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