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At Long Last, the Alvin Greene Rap Song


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Here is the 80s-style throwback rap song promoting the totally insane senatorial campaign of South Carolina's Alvin Greene that we've all been waiting for. And before you ask, yes, it does have a part that goes "When I say Alvin / You say Greene." Just like how we asked.

It's after the jump:


Actually Greene didn't have anything to do with the song or video, which confirms the doubts that I had after noticing that the only other thing posted to the Alvin Greene for Senator YouTube account is a Millionaires video. But I wasn't really sure before then. Sure, it casually but directly mentions how Greene doesn't show porn to college chicks, though he's been accused of doing exactly that. And sure, toward the end the video starts alternating between clips of Greene and clips of LeBron James playing basketball. But aren't these the exact things that we should expect from Alvin Greene, who is either the most obviously insane person that I've ever seen get this far in a national political campaign or the world's most brilliant IRL troll? The man is like a human randomness generator just pumping WTF into the Internetosphere, and if anything the song and video are almost suspiciously not-insane.

It's still a jam though.

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