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How to Have a Tea Party House Party


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The Tea Party Patriots, who brand themselves as the "official grassroots American movement," have combined two topics that many Chicagoans care about—recycling and politics—into a "Recycle Government" initiative, which involves getting rid of Democrats and replacing them with people who dress up in American flag print shirts. You can help grow the revolution by hosting a House Party on August 12—but if you want a free copy of the TPPs' official "party movie" then you better hurry up and e-mail them, because today's the deadline.

What's that? You already sent for and received your movie? Awesome. But now what?

Remember that you are not to play it until Thu 8/12, the official "House Party" day. That's when all of your friends' grandparents are supposed to hang out at your place and watch the movie on your flat-screen teevee. Serve some good snacks! Don't be cheap.

When the movie's over, talk about what you've learned and then make some protest signs together, or write a letter to your Congress person asking them to abolish all of the constitutional amendments. Then send everyone home and write a blog post about how things went.

If this sounds like too much work, the Patriots are keeping track of house parties already being planned. We're going to the Kid 'n' Play House Party—those guys know how to put together a vegetable tray like nobody's business.

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