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State GOP Leaders Still Attending the 'Right Nation' Party


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The Capitol Fax Blog reports that prominent Illinois state legislators, including house Republican leader Tom Cross and senate GOP leader Christine Radogno, were originally listed as participants on the front page of the Right Nation 2010, a freedom-in taking place September 18 at the 10,000-seat Sears Centre Arena. But now their names are gone! Is it because they were afraid people would get jealous of them for being friends with Glenn Beck and his workaholic tear ducts?

No, at least not officially:

“There was so much information that we had to condense it all,” Right Nation spokesman Collin Corbett, who made the changes to the site over the weekend, said. “They’re definitely still on there as hosts and nothing’s changed.”

Just to clarify, Right Nation is not to be confused with the August 28 Restoring Honor Rally, Beck's other upcoming patriot party. That's in Washington, D.C., and about honoring soldiers. Right Nation, as its home page notes, is "a joint venture of Republican, conservative, libertarian, free market, and Tea Party independent organizations and individuals, facilitated by the 75-year-old United Republican Fund." The event includes celebrity appearances and workshops with such titles as "Creative Spelling for Advanced Patriots" and "Fight Socialism with Twitter."

For a taste, here's its new promo video, featuring dramatic background music and Ronald Reagan quotes:

Besides Cross, Radogno, and Beck, other scheduled participants include Shirley Sherrod's worst nightmare Andrew Breitbart, FreedomWorks chairperson Dick Armey, and the teal belt-burning congressman from Peoria, Aaron Schock.


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