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Introducing the Roscoe View Journal


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The ranks of online neighborhood journalism swelled this week with the launching of the Roscoe View Journal. Local, but not hyperlocal (in my book), the Journal has set out to cover Roscoe Village and West Lakeview, meaning some 45,000 people bounded on the west by the river, on the east by Racine and Clark, on the south by Diversey Parkway, and on the north by Addison west of Ravenswood and Irving Park east of Ravenswood.

The founder is budding media baron Mike Fourcher, who already operates the Center Square Journal, covering North Center and Lincoln Square, the first two neighborhoods to the north of Roscoe Village.

"If it happens in Center Square but not Roscoe View, don’t expect to see it here in the Roscoe View Journal," says Fourcher, in a note to readers that kicks off his new site. "While it’s right next door, Roscoe View is a different place with a different flavor. So over time expect Roscoe View to gain a voice of its own. And oh yeah—if you live here, we’d love it if you could write for us!"

Roscoe View is not only a different place, but until the Journal came along to cover it, I wasn't aware it was a place at all. Now it is. Good luck to Fourcher. We do live here — in his new coverage area — and since the old Booster disappeared we've been missing coverage of the kind of big stories he's tackling: like the new Jewel going up on Southport, and shifting plans to relocate the Metra's Ravenswood stop.

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