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Some Thoughts on the Blago Taiwanimation Blockbuster

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Taipei, Taiwan's Next Media Animation has just released a new YouTube about the rise and fall and quasi-rise again of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, "the hardest working man in show business." We split a popcorn and watched the movie in the Reader's private underground bunker-theater. Here's our take.


:07: I thought wealthy businessmen were too upscale to carry coins.
:10: Blago doesn't have wispy bangs. So I don't think that's actually him.
:18: Why did Blago maintain a football locker room in his office? Or is that supposed to reiterate the "football" nature of his hairbrush?
:29: Newly elected president of America Barack Obama rejects Blago's thoughtful gift of a going-away towel and leaves for Washington.
:32: He doesn't use computers!
:35: The UN doesn't want Obama's empty Senate seat, which makes Blago upset.
:40: He was having an affair with Sharron Angle? Hope Patti doesn't find out.
:47: Listening party at the FBI. "Shit is the jam," says one agent to the other. High five.
:53: The Illinois state capitol building looks like public housing.
1:00: Blago appears on The Apprentice, hosted by Conan O'Brien.
1:21: So many white reporters! At least the Taiwanese know what's up in the American media scene.


You know, everyone's like TribCo's anchorless TV station is the future, but that future clearly exists, and the future of television news is Grand Theft Auto cinematics with stock cartoon noises. It's less disconcerting than Wolf Blitzer! And will open up higher-paying positions in television for weird-looking people who can type but not talk, like me. I just want to see animated CNN anchors drawing on animated touch screens in front of banks of animated monitors. I think that's what Ray Kurtzweil was talking about.

My only concern is whether the medium works only with inherently entertaining stories. I've been working all day on Taiwanimation Pat Quinn and I doubt it's "going viral."

Blago doesn't have wispy bangs. So I don't think that's actually him.

It's not. He's played by Harry Hamlin playing Aaron Echolls.