It's a Dress! It's a Phone! It's a Dress-Phone! | Bleader

It's a Dress! It's a Phone! It's a Dress-Phone!


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Ladies, have you ever thought while getting dressed for a party, "I really don't want to carry a little handbag. But I need my phone. How can I bring my phone with me without having to carry it?" Worry no more. CuteCircuit, a London-based fashion company that specializes in wearable technology, has created the M-dress (they're also the creators of the Galaxy dress, an LED-studded creation that's part of the Museum of Science and Industry's current exhibit "Fast Forward: Inventing the Future"). The M-dress has a cell phone cleverly integrated into the sleeve with "gesture recognition technology" that allows you to answer the phone by bringing your hand up to your ear and end a call by lowering it again. Not only will your hands be free but you'll garner the envious (or bemused) stares of others as you talk into your wrist, Mission Impossible-style. You can only program one number and there's no screen, so you can't see who's calling you, but these are piddling concerns compared with the futuristic cachet of this awe-inspiring nexus of fashion and technology!

Now if only it also functioned as a key ring and a lipstick, you'd be set.