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Anti-Illegal Immigration Group Endorses Local Candidates


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The anti-illegal immigration group Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has announced a new round of federal candidate endorsements, and included among the candidates are local Republicans Rep. Peter Roskam of the Sixth District (parts of Cook and DuPage counties) and Jesse Jackson Jr.’s GOP challenger, Isaac Hayes. "Illegal immigration is a top issue in the minds of voters and it relates to many other issues such as taxation, crime, terrorism, jobs, education, and the economy," says ALIPAC president William Gheen in a press release about the endorsements. "We are looking for candidates who want our existing border and immigration laws enforced instead of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty that would make millions of illegals new voters and thus destroy the borders of America."

Some background on the Raleigh-based political action committee:

* Members of anti-semitic and white supremacist groups have reportedly come out in favor of some of its positions.

* ALIPAC has distributed fliers advising people to report each other for hiring or simply being illegal immigrants.

* The group has publicly endorsed the pro-birther position that “President Barrack Hussein Obama” should produce his birth certificate, even though he has (just not to all 300 million or so American citizens, individually, through a direct mail campaign).

* During a rally, Gheen demanded that South Carolina U.S. senator Lindsey Graham, who was working on a moderate, national immigration bill at the time and not actually present at the rally, admit to being gay.

Well, at least they’re exciting! For Roskam, ALIPAC’s endorsement came a day after he appeared on WIND Radio’s Big John & Amy show to talk about the economy and ended up talking about the “Ground Zero mosque” that isn’t a mosque or at Ground Zero. Roskam called the proposed Cordoba House community center's tentative construction “provocative” and “almost a conquering sort of act.” I think we can safely assume he’s against terror babies.

It’s not clear if Roskam filled out ALIPAC’s official candidate survey—none is posted to the group’s website—but Hayes did, answering each question with a “10” for “strongly” agreeing with each statement, including “I support Arizona’s new immigration law SB 1070” and “Illegal immigrants should be deported when detected in the interior of the U.S.” A minister, Hayes has spoken at local Tea Party rallies and continues to reach out to them. Probably not much of a fan of terror babies either.

In related news, ALIPAC has also endorsed Teri Newman, who's running for Jerry Costello's 12th district seat (southwestern Illinois, from Alton to the tip) and is using this picture on the homepage of her website:


The seat belt is a nice touch. At least you can say her aesthetic is unpretentious.

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