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Typo Hunters Come to Chicago


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Benjamin D. Herson, Jeff Deck
  • Benjamin D. Herson, Jeff Deck
In 2008 Jeff Deck, at the time a Boston-area editor sensitive to misspellings, noticed a sign. "Private Property: No Tresspassing" it read. In his words, "the extra s seemed to mock me."

The mockery led to a mission: Deck formed the Typo Eradication Advancement League. He recruited longtime friend Benjamin Herson to be a Sancho Panza-ish sidekick in his quixotic quest to cross the country to find (and to fix, if possible) public typos.

The journey led to a blog. The blog led to a book.

Deck and Herson will be in town on Monday, August 30, at Borders in Lincoln Park to promote The Great Typo Hunt: Two Friends Changing the World, One Correction at a Time (Crown Publishers).

(Only one Chicago typo made the book: "Milwuakee Furniture." Must've been a short stay here.)

The book itself is admirably typo free. However, there is this . . .

Early in the book Deck's girlfriend refers to him as "Jeff-Bear" (page 21). Later in the book it's "Jeffbear" (page 144). Sorry, at least one of those is wrong.

And it's not covered in the new Chicago Manual of Style, but I'd also consider allowing yourself to be called "Anything-Bear" an unacceptable error. So in my mind they're both wrong.

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