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How's This Grab Ya?



The 80s and 90s were a mini-Golden Age of low budget, high-functioning comedy-horror films. It was just amazing, the kind of smart, imaginative, subversive shit that showed up in the theaters on a regular basis.

I'm thinking about gems like John Carpenter's The Thing, Jack Sholder's The Hidden, Kathryn Bigelow's Near Dark, Greydon Clark's Without Warning , Adam Simon's Brain Dead, and Stuart Gordon's From Beyond. (And no, I'm not forgetting about Joe Dante. I'm deliberately excluding Joe Dante because he's not fit to smell Ed Wood's shit.)

Anyway, there was also Ron Underwood's Tremors, which owns the triple distinction of being the best Kevin Bacon movie, the only Jaws knockoff better than Jaws, and the only Jaws knockoff set in Nevada. Plus it costars the awesome Fred Ward, who's pretty much my favorite character actor. In essence, it's a ripoff of Dune, except it happens on earth and ditches all of the boring medieval court politics and instead sensibly concentrates on the threat of them scary sand worms, who "swim" around underground and surface when they detect vibrations that suggest there's something edible walking around overhead. The movie was spun out into a TV series as well, but I never saw any of that, having been discouraged by the lame sequels. Anyway, some random genius created this by way of an educational tribute. Thank you, random genius.