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Rahmania Roundup


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  • Lauri Apple

As Whet Moser told you earlier today, the eyes of the world are upon Rahm Emanuel, to see if he'll try to become Chicago's first ballet dancing mayor. People are so convinced that Emanuel will run that they're talking about "the next Rahm." One enterprising local woman named Shannon Kenny has already scooped up the url EmanuelforMayor.com, which she can now sell to either Emanuel's campaign or I guess, should they be swept up in the legendary Emanuel family competitive spirit, one of his power brothers. (Wouldn't that be dramatic!)

Here's a roundup of some of the day's Rahmania:

—The Christian Science Monitor is surprised that Emanuel is talking about returning civility and cooperation to US political discourse." Isn't this the same swear-bear who harms furniture for emphasis? Yes.

Newsweek's Jonathan Alter says "the odds favor" Emanuel returning to Chicago to run. A native Chicagoan, Alter says he's excited about our brand-new political vacuum, because it will result in "a wonderful, raucous campaign for one of the best jobs in politics." He must not have heard about the city's $654 million budget shortfall.

—White House senior adviser David Axelrod told CBS News that Emanuel would be a "great" mayor because of his "larger than life personality, a personality who loves the city."

—If he wants to run, he better act fast, says the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza. The "notoriously bare-knuckled" Emanuel will need 12,500 signatures and millions of dollars to enter the race and win, Cillizza writes. Also, he notes, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs hints at being smitten with Chicago, describing it as "a city you can fall in love with very quickly." Bob: please send all flowers and candy to 11 E. Illinois, Chicago, 60611.

—In discussing what makes a great mayor, the New York Times's Gail Collins (left) suggests that Daley hung around too long, while David Brooks (right/bobo) says Chicago is in "remarkable shape." He must not have heard about the city's $654 million budget shortfall. Anyway, Collins is also excited about watching Emanuel vs. whomever, and proposes a ticket-selling initiative that could help offset our budget issues. Brooks says he knows that Emanuel possesses an "organic, instinctive and total love affair with the city." Well, it's a city you can fall in love with very quickly!

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