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A Dozen or None


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Cook-Au-Vin front man Vincent Colombet makes quite possibly the best baguette in the city. People wait up to 45 minutes for his crepes at the Logan Square Farmers' Market. The guy could make thousands happy if he could just sell a damn croissant.

But he can't. Colombet says business has been booming since he opened his brick-and-mortar La Boulangerie last week, but a clause in his lease forbids him from selling coffee, sandwiches, or—sacre merde!-individual croissants so he doesn't compete with neighboring New Wave Coffee.

Predictably, customers are withholding precious stars and exercising their outrage—outrage!—on online food review sites. Take that New Wave.

Colombet says until his lawyer dons his cape and sweeps in with a lease renegotiation, if customers want a croissant they have to pay for a dozen upfront ($20) and then they'll receive a card with which they can redeem for the rest as they see fit. Alors!

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