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Audrey Niffenegger Making the Rounds With the Night Bookmobile


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Audrey Niffenegger has several upcoming stops to promote her new graphic novel, The Night Bookmobile (Abrams), which was first serialized in the UK's Guardian newspaper.

She'll be at the Harold Washington Library Center tonight, September 16, at 6 PM. Then on Friday, October 1, at Barnes & Noble at Old Orchard Center, and Saturday, October 2, at Chicago Comics.

Niffenegger also appears on Thursday, September 30, as part of "Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Heroines" at Women & Children First, and as one of the ten authors at the September 24-25 Ragdale Foundation benefit, "A Novel Affair" (the others being Dan Chaon, Bernard Cornwell, Andre Dubus, Joshua Ferris, Andrew Sean Greer, Dennis Lehane, Margot Livesey, Honor Moore, and Dani Shapiro).

Niffenegger was profiled in a 2009 Reader story, "The Time Traveler's Wife's Author." Here's how she begins the Chicago-set The Night Bookmobile:

"The first time I saw the Night Bookmobile, I was walking down Ravenswood Avenue at four o'clock in the morning. It was late in the summer, at that quiet time of morning when the cicadas have given up but the birds haven't started in yet. I'd been walking for about an hour. I had started at Belmont and then I was at Irving Park Road. There are two trains that run along Ravenswood, the Chicago-Northwestern and the Ravenswood El, and periodically one of them would run up behind me and ahead of me with nobody in it. I was starting to feel a little peaceful, a little tired, so I kept on walking.

"Everything was very clean and slightly wet, because it had been raining around three, which is when Richard and I had had the argument. So I was out walking around in the cool end of the night, and I saw the Night Bookmobile."

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