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A Mayor Daley Omnibus: Da Mare in Cover Stories


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For your weekend pleasure:Reader's cover stories on Mayor Daley, beginning with the eternal question:

Is Rich Daley Ready for Reform?
Often he is, when it's easy and expedient. But when the political stakes are high, he usually lies low.
By Doug Cassel, Feb 9, 1989

How's He Doing?
A Daley Report Card
By David Moberg, Feb 21, 1991

A Dumb Deal
How many Daley administration officials did it take to screw up the Commonwealth Edison contract? Can City Council undo the damage?
By Harold Henderson, Nov 14, 1991

Searching for the Great Black Hope
Before the opposition can KO Daley, they've got to agree on who's fighting.
By Neal Pollack, Dec 1, 1994

Public Image Limited
Mayor Daley's Ministry of Information Versus Your Right to Know
By Neal Pollack, May 4, 1995

Politics of Necessity
How did such a backward-looking guy wind up so far ahead of his time?
By James Krohe Jr., Jan 15, 1998

How Does Richie Rate?
Opening Up the Mayor's Report Card
By David Moberg, Feb 18, 1999

Deaf to the Screams
The next state's attorney to investigate police torture in Chicago will be the first.
By John Conroy, Jul 31, 2003

He Gave Them the Budget and It Was Done
A few City Council members squawked, but in the end the mayor got his unanimous vote—again.
By Cate Plys
Nov 27, 2003

He's Going to Win
Here's why you should vote against him anyway.
By Ben Joravsky, Feb 22, 2007

A Commission of Puppets
Why the people charged with protecting Chicago's lakefront have a hard time saying no to the mayor
By Ben Joravsky, May 15, 2008

FAIL, Part One: Chicago's Parking Meter Lease Deal
How Daley and his crew hid their process from the public, ignored their own rules, railroaded the City Council, and screwed the taxpayers on the parking meter lease deal
By Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke, Apr 9, 2009

FAIL, Part Two: One BILLION Dollars!
In April the Reader documented how the Daley administration hid its process for privatizing the city’s parking meters from the public and the City Council. Now, three months into the deal, the city still won’t explain how it determined what the deal was worth—and new evidence suggests the taxpayers were hosed out of billions of dollars.
By Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke, May 21, 2009

FAIL, Part Three: The Insiders
By now you know the parking meter lease deal was bad for you. Here’s who it was good for.
By Ben Joravsky, and Mick Dumke, Jun 18, 2009

Mr. Big Spender
The Central Loop tax increment financing district—the oldest and largest TIF of them all—came in with a boom and went out with a binge.
By Ben Joravsky, Aug 5, 2009

Under the Gun
Aldermen rush through a gun-control law they've barely read to replace a gun-control law nobody seems to have enforced. Who really benefits? Mayor Daley.
By Mick Dumke, Jul 8, 2010

Time for a Revolution
No way is Mayor Daley going down without a fight. But perhaps you've noticed: he rarely ever gets one.
By Mick Dumke, Mar 11, 2010