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Glenn Beck's Right Nation Freedom Festival, in Tweets


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Did you go to Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart's historic Right Nation party on Saturday? I wanted to cover it for the Reader, so I asked for press credentials—and never got them. It sounded like a pretty tight affair: an editor at one of the local dailies told me their reporter had to follow various rules, including "no crowd shots" and "chaperoned interviews at all times."

The press policy and $125 admission fee might have kept me away, but Beck couldn't stop me from reading the Internet. So here's a Twitter timeline documenting the "918" experience, for you and Posterity.

#RN2010 organizers told this newspaper journalist that 5,400 people showed up for the rally, held in an 11,000-seat arena. Yet that's still a "massive" turnout, by some accounts:


Despite this gal's faith, the sun never appeared:


A skirmish took place outside the arena, when a "lady in a poncho" who was sent by President Barack Obama to protest called Breitbart a "homo." The protesters had allegedly traveled to the arena via Chicago Public Schools bus, which proves that our public education system supports corruption. CLOSE THE CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS NOW:


Breitbart really showed 'em:


Ex-ACORN worker and D-List Tea-lebrity Anita Moncrief learned an important thing about Dick Armey, chief of the FreedomWorks tribe:


Somebody must have given a shout-out to Bill Ayers, but it didn't go over well. Could 2008 finally be over?:


Congressman Aaron Schock did his best to quiet those rumors:

This guy has the power to see thoughts:


Imagine what it must have felt like to be in the room at this moment. Did they remember to play Van Halen's "Right Now," to maximize the rush?:


Beck's famous chalkboard achieved personhood status:

Beck wore a purple tie and wrote things on Chalk Norris:


Then he talked about destroying the government:


People risked peeing themselves to catch his every word. Now that's the kind of dedication America needs:


The unions ended everyone's fun:


This fellow's Twitter background is a collage of Sarah Palin pix:


All the money raised from Saturday will go toward helping Tea Party candidates fulfill their election dream to RESTORE government by DESTROYing government, as Chalk Norris has commanded.

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