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Own Glenn Beck's "Chalk Norris"


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If you're in the market for a historically significant chalkboard, the folks who brought you last weekend's Right Nation 2010 conference have a deal for you! A representative from the United Republican Fund (which organized the event) is auctioning off "Chalk Norris," the blackboard that media personality/main attraction Glenn Beck decorated with words and triangles during his keynote address/Emancipation Proclamation. An eBay auction is underway, with the current bid at $717.

Beck's special chalkboard features not one but two autographs, according to the eBay listing. "The chalkboard is a brand new 6' x 4' Quartet® Reversible Chalkboard used only by Beck during his speech. The chalk and autographs can be sealed before shipment using one of several methods, but this will be done only upon approval by the buyer and at the buyer's cost." The buyer has to cover shipping and handling.

Here's the board in action:

The auction closes September 29.