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Outspoken Fioretti Can't Speak for a Few Days


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Ward Two alderman Bob Fioretti is getting a tonsillectomy and will be mute for a few days, so he's delaying his official entry in the Mayoral Election Sweepstakes until he can once again announce things, literally. As he told the Sun-Times, “Some people in City Hall may think it’s good. The people may not. But some people may think it’s very good — probably on five especially." The fifth floor is where Mayor Daley "works hard, plays hard"; he and Fioretti aren't the closest of pals, because Fioretti pulls funny stuff (i.e., asks questions about what is going on with the city's money and things) and is mavericky.

While we wait for Fioretti's voice to return, here's a YouTube of him chatting with North Town News Magazine host Marty Levinson about politics, history, job creation, and other subjects. He also points out that some aldermen have served for 40 years and, well, maybe they should move on? Because when you're on the council that long you "sometimes get sour in terms of what you're doing, you forget about having good ideas, and you forget about embracing new ideas":

Did you know that Alderman Ed Burke has served on the council since 1969? Or that Alderman Berny Stone has served since 1973? Richard Mell, since 1975? I am not mentioning these facts for any particular reason.