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Mark Kipnis — Out From Under



The hell with Conrad Black, and his good name, such as it is.

Today, Mark Kipnis stands in the eyes of the law guilty of nothing.

That's what I wrote in my last post, at the very bottom where no one will read it. Kipnis deserves better than that.

Kipnis was a Hollinger International lawyer caught up in Conrad Black's wheeling and dealing. He was told to draft noncompete contracts and he did. This, in the eyes of the federal prosecutors, made him part and parcel of the deals that gained Black millions of dollars gained and Kipnis not a penny. And three years ago he was convicted of fraud, just as Black was.

His sentencing was one of the more emotional occasions I've ever spent in a courtroom. Here's how I described it at the time. Judge Amy St. Eve could have sentenced Kipnis to more than three years in prison. She threw out one of the three counts on which he'd been convicted and gave him six months of home detention, community service, and a $200 fine.

Friday, the Seventh Circuit threw out the other counts.

Here, from, is a lawyer's look at Kipnis, written a few months after the trial was over.