Dinner & a Show: Saturday 10/30 | Bleader

  • Chromeo

Show: Chromeo "On their new Business Casual Chromeo once again scuff together a tidy pile of vintage house, funk, and pop R&B and hit it with a massive dose of unabashed lasciviousness, but their formula is so much more focused this time that the songs make their earlier efforts sound like trial runs," writes Miles Raymer. "Expect to hear 'I'm Contagious' at dance clubs for the next gajillion years." A-Trak, Kid Sister, Theophilus London and others open.

7:30 PM, Congress Theater, 2135 N. Milwaukee, 773-598-0852, $35, 17+.

Dinner: Chilapan "We barely suppressed our smirks when our server confided that the only restaurant in Chicago that could compete with Chilapan was Topolobampo. Oh, reeeally? As the food, by chef Jorge Miranda (Las Palmas, Adobo Grill), started to arrive, however, we grew humbler," writes David Hammond.

2459 W. Armitage, 773-697-4597, chilapanchicago.com

Show: Dawn of Midi "Indian bassist Aakaash Israni, Pakistani percussionist Qasim Naqvi, and Moroccan pianist Amino Belyamani were all students at CalArts when they formed the group in 2007, and they would meet in a windowless practice room late at night and play in pitch darkness—a habit that sharpened their ears and fostered their collective approach," writes Peter Margasak. "Lots of musicians freely improvise these days, but it's rare to find a group with such a strong ensemble identity."

10 PM, Heaven Gallery, 1550 N. Milwaukee, second floor, heavengallery.com, donation requested.

Dinner: Lokal "At this slick Wicker Park restaurant and lounge, the menu features potato pierogi, golabki, borscht, kielbasa, and a few items you probably wouldn't recognize if you didn't grow up with a babcia cooking for you," writes Mike Sula. "It just happens to be radically different Polish food from the heavy, homey—but let's face it, bland—traditional stuff. Pierogi here are light and silky and dressed in a creamy bourbon-date sauce; the kielbasa is made from dark-meat chicken and served in a whole-grain-mustard demi-glace with lentils and pancetta."

1904 W. North Ave., 773-904-8113, lokalchicago.com


Show: Mad Love This atmospheric 1935 chiller, a remake of the silent expressionist film The Hands of Orlac, was directed by the great cinematographer Karl Freund, who shot Metropolis, The Last Laugh, and a dozen other classics, then spent his twilight years shooting I Love Lucy. Peter Lorre (in his first American role) plays a mad surgeon who grafts the hands of a psychopath onto a crippled concert pianist. Screening as part of a double-feature with The Face Behind the Mask.

8 pm, Bank of America Cinema, 4901 W. Irving Park Rd., 312-904-9442

Dinner: The Portage Here's gentrification at its best: an old-man bar rehabbed into a friendly, unassuming little gastropub.

3938 N. Central, 773-853-0779, theportagechicago.com

Show: The Fall of the House of Usher Jean Epstein's 1928 experimental effort combined Poe's story with another Poe classic, "The Oval Portrait." Henri Langlois called the film the "cinematic equivalent of Debussy. An absolute mastery of editing and rhythm in which slow motion, superimpositions . . . and the mobile camera combine to play a totally ungratuitous role."

11:55, Facets Cinematheque, 1517 W. Fullerton Ave., 773-281-4114, facets.org

Dinner: Filippo's Drawing from a fundamentally Neapolitan repertoire, chef Filippo Del Prete makes many of his own pastas and whips up a rich menu.

2211 N. Clybourn Ave., 773-528-2211, filipposristorante.com


Show: Yasuko Yokoshi Choreographer Yasuko Yokoshi, who takes us on a time-warping, culture-leaping trip in Tyler Tyler, comes by her warping and leaping honestly. Born in Hiroshima, she's lived in New York City since 1981, but she returned to Japan in 2003 to study with Masumi Seyama, the anointed heir to the Kabuki Su-odori ("naked dance") tradition, which strips away Kabuki's elaborate stagecraft, makeup, and gestures.

8 pm, Dance Center of Columbia College, 1306 S. Michigan Ave., 312-369-6600, colum.edu/dance_center

Dinner: Henri New contemporary American restaurant and bar from the people behind the Gage.

18 S. Michigan Ave., 312-578-0763, henrichicago.com