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Illinois Senate, Governor, Etc: It Begins


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Screw exit polls, the Chicago Board of Elections has numbers in for Senate, governor.

Update: Berrios has a big lead for assessor in the city with 15% reporting.

Update II: And we got Cook County numbers, >10%. Rutherford could be a surprise. Claypool's ahead of Berrios.

Update III: Giannoulias has an almost 200k vote lead in Cook County, which is driving his current statewide lead. But most of Illinois has yet to come in.

Update IV: DuPage is coming in at about 60% for Brady and Kirk with 20% reporting. Topinka got about 50% of the vote there last gubernatorial election.

Update V: One interesting thing that could help Giannoulias and Quinn: the Green Party seems to be doing much worse in the city and Cook County than in 2006. In '06, Whitney did 7% in Chicago, 9% in the Cook suburbs. This year, he's at 2.64% in the city, 2.49% in the burbs.

Update VI: Brady's outperforming Topinka's 2006 numbers in Kane County. And in McHenry. On the other hand, Quinn seems to be ahead of Blago's 2006 totals in Sangamon.

Update VII: With 85% reporting in Will County, Brady's beating Quinn. That'd flip the county from the '06 election. And Will is a big county.

Update VIII: Macon County's going heavy for Brady too. Getting into some of the smaller Republican strongholds but generally Brady seems to be doing better than Topinka outside of Cook/Chicago, and doing about as well as can be expected there. Kind of using Brady as a proxy for Kirk right now. More later I hope.

Update IX: The Brady trend continues in McLean County.

Update X: If my math is right, Will County could represent a 20k vote swing from D-R, 06-10.