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More Election Thread


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From a liberal Wisconsin native, on the Feingold loss: I wish I could believe that this is our Obi-Wan Kenobi “…strike me down…” moment

Update I: So going through county by county—I'm up to DeWitt...—Brady's doing better in every non-Cook county compared to Topinka in 2006. As in, all the already-Republican counties are that much more Republican. (In all the ones that are online, anyway.) Which is a lot of little margins in a lot of little counties, but it adds up.

Update II: Depending on whether you look at the Trib or S-T numbers, 91% or 92% reporting, Quinn's got about a 15k lead. Time to check the recount rules!

Update III: GOP flipped Fulton County from '06-'10 (gov.). Doesn't amount to a lot of votes, just saying. Also means I'm through "F."

Update IV: Jersey County flipped too. My favorite-named county, JoDaviess, is much redder than it was.

Update V: Kos argue that Lake County made the difference between Kirk's win and Brady's... whatever it's going to be. There's a 12k difference between the two in the county, out of 65k total. So I think that's not the whole of it... maybe it's that Brady was slightly too conservative, or had less name recognition, or less accomplishment as an elected official. Anyway, that race isn't over... and actually it got a lot closer (about 5k now), so we'll see.

Update VI: Knox County flipped.

Update VII: AP calls it for Kirk. Dan Sinker points out that Alexi only won Cook and Alexander Counties.

Update VIII: Duncan Black: "I try to shy away from monocausal explanations for most things, but 13% of mortgages are delinquent or in foreclosure. I do not think our overlords have ever understood the magnitude of that problem."

Update IX: @wbezedwards: "IL Senate: Mark Kirk (R) won 2-1 downstate and +55% in collar counties = key to victory" Pretty much. That and all the baggage.

Update X: A good point from Jim Edgar via Steve Edwards. File under "arguments for Brady's conservatism being the reason he didn't just straight-out win tonight," and by "tonight" I mean "before I decide to go to sleep."

Update XI: Intriguing comment at Capitol Fax—although I'd think 2008 would be something of an outlier as far as turnout.

Update XII: BREAKING: Jesse White is apparently more popular/less controversial statewide than Lisa Madigan by a small but nontrivial margin. When's he running for mayor and governor?

Update XIII: I blame Scott Lee Cohen for the fact that I'm not asleep yet.

Update XIV: Carol Fowler reports lots more Chicago absentee ballots, Rich Miller calls it the ballgame. So I can go to bed now?