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LM Restaurant
  • LM Restaurant

Anne Spiselman profiles Les Nomades executive chef Chris Nugent and Chris Nugent Chocolates, the line of exquisite hand-painted bonbons he's gearing up to offer to the public this holiday season, in flavors like dark chocolate-chile, pumpkin-white chocolate, and Hot Toddy, milk chocolate with caramel, whiskey, honey, and spices.

In the listings are ten neighborhood bistros, among them Beverly's Koda, which now accepts reservations; Evanston’s Bistro Bordeaux, where sous chef Tim Vidrio has been promoted to executive chef in replacement of Frank Mnuk, who’s now at Pensiero Ristorante (Vidrio will soon be joined by Chris Walker of Pops for Champagne); and Lincoln Square’s LM Restaurant, which recently launched spinoff LM Cafe at the Chicago French Market, where it’s offering jambon-beurre baguettes, croques monsieur, salads, patés, and desserts including chocolate mousse.