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Who Should the State Spook Next?


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It's good to see someone's still having fun in Washington. The Food and Drug Administration has decided to scare the bejeebers out of Americans, especially the kids, by ordering cigarette packs to carry pictures of diseased lungs, rotted teeth, oxygen masks, tombstones, and corpses. And it's for our own good.

When Washington tries to stick its nose into our lives — say, by providing us with affordable health care — a lot of people get really mad. We don't like to be coddled. We don't like to be lectured. If we wanted a nanny, we'd hire one.

So forth and so on.

But when Washington decides to terrorize the people into righteousness, I suspect the reaction will be muted. An interesting coalition may even form. The anti-tobacco forces who hold it is impossible for the government to go too far in its crusade to make ours a smoke-free society are about to find out who agrees with them.

The FDA cannot ban cigarettes but it can regulate them. That's roughly the state of the law that pro-life forces inside and outside of government find themselves confronting. If town councils or state legislatures or even the new Congress decides to require family planning clinics to line their walls with graphic photos of aborted fetuses, the argument for showing some decency is now what, exactly?

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