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110 Tasty Things From 2010



from the salsa bar at Pollo Vagabundo
  • Mike Sula
  • From the salsa bar at Pollo Vagabundo

This week in Omnivorous, after whittling down the "best" restaurants of 2010 (still hate that word), and the other notable openings, I set myself the task of cataloging each memorable bite and sip I ingested in the last year (in Chicago). I tried to limit myself to 50. Then I hit 100 and couldn't stop. It was good year for eating.

In no particular order:

(1) Chocolate banoffee and (2) rabbit confit pasta, Owen & Engine
(3) Charcuterie plate, (4) testa cake, (5) french fries, Balsan
(6) Fried chicken liver, (7) cioppino, (8) cassoulet, Branch 27
(9) Lotus root with house-cured bacon, Sun Wah
(10) Wagyu and brandade, (11) grilled cheese, Sprout
(12) Oxtails, Cafe Laguardia
(13) Dover sole meuniere, Henri
(14) Hamachi collar, (15) superpremium California Tamaki Gold sushi rice, Arami
(16) Charcuterie plate, (17) maatjesharing shot, and (18) chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse, Vincent
(19) Pure teff injera, Kukulu Market

croissants and pan raisin, La Boulangerie
  • Croissants and pan raisin, La Boulangerie

(20) Croissants, La Boulangerie
(21) Crispy pata, Ruby's Fast Food
22) La Nuestra, Aripo's
(23) Sardinian bottarga via J.P. Graziano
(24) The Mr. G., J.P. Graziano
(25) Nicole's Crackers pan de mie, Franks 'n' Dawgs
(26) Smoked beef tri-tip, Lillie's Q
(27) Sharp white-cheddar mac 'n' cheese, Pork Shoppe
(28) "Not Yo’ Daddy’s Balls, Meatyballs Mobile
(29) Wild boar belly naanwich, Gaztro Wagon
(30) Avocado-cinnamon gelato, Black Dog
(31)Braised beef tongue with masa, salsa verde, and greens,
(32) Goat-heart satay and sweet corn nougat, Girl & the Goat

City Provisions Laughing Bird shrimp salad
  • Mike Sula
  • City Provisions' Laughing Bird shrimp salad

(33) Laughing Bird shrimp salad, City Provisions Deli
(34) K-Town Empanadas, (35) lychee panna cotta, (36) pan-seared trout fillet, Ruxbin
(37) Pupusas, Buen Sabor
(38) house salsa, La Lagartija Taqueria
(39) Kimchi taco, Taco Chino
(40) sesame-chile shrimp banh mi, Del Seoul

masgouf at Dannys Restaurant

(41) Masgouf, Danny's Restaurant
(42) Masgouf, George's Kabab
(43) Masgouf, Shawerma Inn
(44) Torshi, Danny's
(45) Lahmajun, (46) samoon, Taza Bakery
(47) Fried chicken thigh confit, (48) spaghetti carbonara, (49) five-spice hot buttered rum, Kith & Kin
(50) Zaatar bread (51) coconut macaroons, Sanabel Bakery
(52) Lychee pâte de fruit, Ba Le
(53) Roelli Cheese Haus's Dunbarton Blue
(54) Chewra, Cumin
(55) Chipotle chocolate chip cookie, Cookie Bar
(56) Niu rou mian, Mapo Restaurant
(57) Baylor watermelon
(58) Assorted che, Ba Le

rhubarb galette at Floriole

(59) Rhubarb galette, Floriole
(60) Duck egg on beef tongue hash, Longman & Eagle
(61) Mike Ryan's Speaking in Tongues, Sable
(62) Paul McGee's One Trick Pony, The Whistler
(63) Charles Joly's Easy Virtue, The Drawing Room
(64) Koval Distillery's Lion's Pride Oat Whiskey
(65) Meatballs, (66) fig-infused grappa, and (67) lemon curd bombolini with bitter chocolate sauce, Aldino's (RIP)
(68) Hand-pulled lagman, Jibek Jolu
(69) Burger, Acre
(70) Blackened cauliflower, Gilt Bar
(71) Xiao long bao, Tao Ran Ju

Pugliese burrata

(72) Pugliese burrata via J.P. Graziano
(73) Salsa bar, Pollo Vagabundo
(74) Burton's Maple Syrup
(75) Cameo Apple, Mick Klug Farms via Lincoln Square Farmer's Market
(76) Ale-battered scrod, (77) Blue cheese potato salad, and (78) fluffy garlic-cream cheese mashed potatoes, Revolution Brewery

grilling anticuchos at Fina Estampa

(79) Grilled beef heart, Fina Estampa
(80) "Duck rice," Custom House (under Aaron Deal)
(81) Bryce Caron's "fry bread," (82) banana-cream bavarois and (83) brown butter cake, Custom House
(84) Strozzapreti with wild boar ragu, (85) gnocchi with rabbit confit sauce, Ceres' Table
(86) Tonno e cippolina (if Nella herself made it), Nella Pizzeria Napoletana (RIP)
(87) Crisp paupiette of Asian carp in Barolo sauce, Phillip Foss
(88) Vodka-marinated chicken breast, Lokal

ankimo at Torishin

(89) Ankimo, Torishin
(90) Indian pudding, (91) pumpkin pancakes, Hearty
(92) Clint Rogers's Venetian maitai, (93) the Linch-Pin, Henri
(94) Chad Doll's Gun Street Girl, Bryant's Cocktail Lounge, Milwaukee
(95) Eric Hay's Loretto Flower, Duchamp
(96) Matty Eggleston's Sugarkiss
(97) Rush Creek Reserve, Uplands Cheese Company

Avli Estiatorios lamb burger

(98) Choclava, (99) Diane's Greek bread pudding, (100) lamb burger, Avli Esiatorio
(101) Barbecue shrimp po'boy, Mac and Min's
(102) Mama Bazell's rum cake via Shawn Michelle's Homemade Ice Cream
(103) Okoy, (104) veggie empanada, Merla's Kitchen
(105) This Little Piggy's nduja flight
(106) Stir-fried tofu with duck eggs, Lao Yu Ju
(107) Grilled confit octopus, (108) op la, (109) butternut squash che, Saigon Sisters
(110) High Life on ice, Bar Deville