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You Can Never Quarantine the Past


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Got an e-mail this morning reading in total:

"rex grossman is the #1 trending topic on twitter right now"

This seems to be as good a datapoint as any that Twitter is very DC-centric. Not everyone is happy about McNabb being benched for nu-Jeff George, but the Northern Virginia Redskins are out of the playoff hunt, and, hey: there's no more entertaining quarterback this side of Michael Vick (sorry, probably a sore subject*). He's not a good quarterback, but those deep soon-to-be-interceptions will provide the drama their season's lacked so far. No one throws an interception like Rex Grossman.

[Trust us: we saw a lot last year from Jay Cutler, and they were just sort of depressing; Grossman's picks have a majesty to them.]

Related: Dan McKenna's wonderful takedown of behated 'Skins owner Dan Snyder.

*I grew up in western Virginia, where the Redskins were the "hometown" team, and tended to view that fact as somewhat traitorous.