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I Sing Dress Thee, America


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“We were honored that he approached us to do something together,” says Percy Steinhart, owner of Stubbs and Wootton*. “We do a lot of crests,” Steinhart adds. “And [Kanye] loves crests."

Bizarre, awesome story in the New York Post about Kanye West's new fashion assistant. In short: descendant of Henry Clay and Cassius Clay (the abolitionist, not the boxer) goes to Andover and Yale, designs an "equestrian-themed fashion line" in college, attends class with a Hermes bag that costs more than anything I'll ever own, becomes a passionate Lady Gaga fan ("We can credit her with a neo-neo-gothic lexicon for the modern age"), gets noticed by Kanye because of his slippers—Kanye does love crests—and finds himself dyeing jeans for everyone's favorite egotist.

The new oligarchy makes my brain hurt, so I give Kanye credit for employing them in the service of weirdness one patrilineal descendant of old money at a time (via @NPRSonari).

* "Handcrafted in Europe and unconsciously self-conscious, Stubbs & Wootton slippers have attained a cultlike following among the nouveau preppy set."

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