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The Most Depressing Article I Will Have Read This Week


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Workers can’t wait to dump their employers: 84 percent of respondents to a survey say they plan to actively look for a new job this year.


Senior leadership within organizations is largely to blame, Stroud said. While many workers have gone without salary increases for two to three years and are now doing the job of one to two people, they see and hear less from senior leadership about the vision for the future and how they see the company evolving and reshaping themselves, she explained.

My anecdata (h/t @nsandlin) is worth what it costs, but Francine Knowles's article rings true to my experiences in my social circle. But it also seems to track with the current economic picture: high productivity combined with high unemployment, or, as that piece puts it, "[m]any economists believe many companies have reached the limit of how much they can stretch their existing work forces." More here on these trends.

When you consider this combination—lots of people doing more work, lots of people unable to find jobs and on the dole—kurzarbeit begins to look really appealing.

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