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This Would Not Please Robert Maynard Hutchins



My beloved alma mater is the #2 school in the country in... drum roll... "internet brand equity, according to the Global Language Monitor's 2011 TrendTopper MediaBuzz internet rankings*." (You can tell they're on top of the trending buzz in media because of the CamelCase.) This will not seem to leave my social media.

Those of you who are as pathologically afraid of human contact as I am may recall Global Language Monitor as the brains behind English's millionth word, the root "obama-", Barack Obama talks like an elitist, and Barack Obama sets presidential records for use of the passive tense, and much more. Like the "top words of 200x" lists that... wait, guido?

Caveat emptor, I think is what I'm saying.

*actually removes all bias inherent in each of the other published rankings, since they actually reflect what is being said and stated on the billions of web pages that we measure