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Re: The New Diplo Sleigh Bells Remix


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Today Diplo posted his remix of Sleigh Bells' "Tell Em" on the blog of his Mad Decent label. It's not a radical reinvention or anything, but if you like Sleigh Bells already you'll probably like the remix—I agree with Diplo's uncontroversial claim that "the bass and the drums sounds nice." But what to me seems like a bigger deal than the remix itself is a tantalizing tidbit he drops in the blog post, alluding to a recent recording session involving Diplo, his partner Switch, Sleigh Bells guitar mangler Derek Miller, and Beyonce. He writes, "dunno if we gonna manage to finish but was good times." There's got to be some sort of Internet petition we can start up to make sure this project gets completed and released, if only to see how many brains it will explode.