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The Veiled necklace from One Origin Jewelry
  • The Veiled necklace from One Origin Jewelry
Viviana Langhoff, the designer behind One Origin Jewelry, hits a sweet spot with work that melds opulence, offbeat design, and eco-conscious materials. From etched pieces made of recycled postconsumer metals to more visceral adornments of animal bones, her work reflects her interests: archaeology, travel, and religious traditions, to name a few. The result is a varied collection, which makes branding difficult: “We're still looking at where the cohesion comes in,” she laughs.

The aptly named Ashes and Dust collection features rings and pendants made from animal bones and teeth that some Native American tribes used to adorn their costumes. Some incorporate the actual bones, highly polished, while others are cast from them. The Veiled collection features flat gold pendants in irregular cirrus-cloud shapes etched with swirling lines. For these, Langhoff says she was inspired by Moroccan architecture and a famous children’s book in India, a country she's visited often. Proceeds from the sale of this collection go to an orphanage in India (pieces run from $100 to $130).

Prices for most pieces run from $100 to $500 (except for the solid gold Moroccan Beach line, priced at $800 to $7000). Langhoff, who studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and launched her company in 2009, gets metal from pawn shops and thrift stores and will even go through customers’ jewelry boxes to see what can be salvaged. Still, says Langhoff, who’s working toward green certification, “you see the pressure to go overseas—costs are so high, and Americans are accustomed to inexpensive everything.” For her next collection she’s working in pyrite and bronze. “I’m definitely not attached to fine metals,” she says. “Whatever carries the idea.”