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Busy Hands Make for Good Reading


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Veronica Sheaffer
  • myhandsmadeit.com
  • Veronica Sheaffer
Veronica Sheaffer hates to be idle. "I feel really out of sorts," she says. "Even watching TV, I have to be making something."

That's not hard for her to do. Sheaffer was the creative force behind Coco Irene, a line of women's clothes that eventually morphed into a collection of fabric accessories. Now she's working a line of wedding gowns (to be launched this summer), a goal that came into focus when a friend asked her to make her a wedding dress a couple years ago. "There's something about the drama that really appeals to me—the foundations and petticoats and padding," she says. "It's much more exciting than sportswear to me."

Having quit her job to work on the line full-time, she gives interested parties a peek into her preparations, as well as personal projects she does to keep herself fabulously garbed, on her blog, My Hands Made It. Originally conceived as a way to express her excitement over her own wedding preparations without driving her friends crazy, she now uses it both to publicize the bridal line and as a diary of her successes and occasional setbacks: "It’s this giant fridge where I can post everything than I make." On it, she extols the virtues of old-fashioned undergarments, posts snapshots of bridal projects and sketches in process, and exclaims over vintage patterns and DIY headbands, all in a funny, quirky voice. About some 1940s-inspired pumps, she says, "These are so awesome I want to punch myself in the head." Of an unsuccessful attempt to transform some old clothes by dyeing them, she writes, "I eventually quit, because I can only run water through two sweaters for so long before I start to hate myself and my entire life."

The only problem with the blog is that "I'm becoming obsessed with it, when I should be working," Sheaffer admits. Her bridal line is set to officially launch this summer, but that doesn't mean she'll stop blogging. "People get really excited about petticoats," she says.

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