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Forget New York Fashion Week


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Fashion week in New York is under way, but right now these pictures of Sevilla's flamenco fashion week (via look more exciting. No minimalism, subtlety, or obscure references here—just unapologetic, unadulterated drama. What else would you expect from Andalucia?

On these shores, it's Rodarte's costumes for Black Swan that are making waves. But unlike ballet, which has a shrinking audience. traditional dance is still very much a part of the culture in Sevilla and Andalucia. Flounces, bold hair accessories, polka dots—it's all very feminine with a capital F, but fierce.

Maybe a giant ship on your head is a little too Maria Antoinette for everyday wear, but I love the emphasis on headgear and hair accessories. If nothing else, more women should wear flowers in their hair.