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Your Election-Day Morning News Roundup


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Polls opened at 6 AM as Chicagoans awakened to another snowfall.

But already there’s plenty to talk about.

Mayor Daley voted early, and jetted off to the British Virgin Islands with his wife, Maggie, and friend Terry Newman. (Sun-Times)

@mayoremanuel, the popular Twitter character channeling Rahm Emanuel, went all Third Dimension last night, with a creepy storyline where he’s kidnapped by Mayor Daley and hinting at @mayoremanuel’s demise. Let’s just hope Carl the Intern has a job lined up. (Crain’s)

While polls are finding Emanuel as high up as 55 percent, his own campaign polls are showing him in the 40s, which would require a runoff, which would require more money; Fox reports Emanuel’s funds are hovering around $2 million. (Fox News Chicago)

Carol Moseley Braun supporters surprised Emanuel at a south-side restaurant yesterday, chanting “Carol! Carol!” as he sat down to eat. (Chicago News Cooperative)

Drawing a comparison between Lisa Murkowski’s write-in victory in Alaska, Mary Mitchell says write-in candidates shouldn’t be ignored. (Sun-Times)

Will Chicago finally shake off the image of a gruff and jowly mayor? (Tribune)

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