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Anthony Braxton Launches New Tri-Centric Foundation Site



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Yesterday the Tri-Centric Foundation, the online home of composer, reedist, and Chicago native Anthony Braxton, relaunched in a heavily revamped form. The site contains loads of information about Braxton's multifarious activities, ensembles, and compositional concepts, but perhaps most exciting is the rebirth of his record label, Braxton House, as a digital entity called—hold tight—New Braxton House Records.

All nine out-of-print albums from the label's original incarnation are now for sale as both MP3s and FLAC files, along with three new offerings; the site also promises two more album-length downloads every month. One of the three new recordings, the terrific Septet (Pittsburgh) 2008, is currently available free—though it'd be worth paying to hear a lineup that includes guitarist Mary Halvorson, trumpeter Taylor Ho Bynum, violinist and violist Jessica Pavone, drummer Aaron Siegel, bassist Carl Testa, and tuba player Jay Rozen. And in a move inspired by Frank Zappa's Beat the Boots project, Braxton will make loads of bootleg recordings readily available for free; 13 volumes are already posted, the earliest from 1969 and the latest from '93. For $12+1 a month (a wink to Braxton's 12+1tet) subscribers will get each of the two new monthly downloads as well as 10 percent discount on the rest of the catalog.

One of the three areas of the site is called "Friendly Experiencer," a typically Braxtonian name for a video feature that will supposedly incorporate footage from several of the composer's more ambitious endeavors. Right now it's using randomly chosen ten-minute chunks of video from a continuous eight-hour performance of Sonic Genome at Wesleyan University that featured more than 50 musicians. "For the 2003 recording, there were two different video angles, and four audio channels: an overall field recording of the entire experience, one moving set of microphones capturing different moments of activity, close-miked 'friendly experiencer' musicians that move independently around the space, and one mix of all these elements combined."

photo: Angie Evans

Today's playlist:

Motorpsycho, Heavy Metal Fruit (Rune Grammofon)
Emmylou Harris, Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town (Warner Bros./Rhino)
Eli "Paperboy" Reed, Come and Get It (Capitol)
Wilson/Lee/Bentley, Escondido Dreams (Drip Audio)
Zhao Jiazhen, Masterpieces of the Chinese Qin From the Tang Dynasty to Today (Rhymoi Music)