Blagojevich Makes Surprise Appearance on Daily Show | Bleader

Blagojevich Makes Surprise Appearance on Daily Show


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Our former governor, now awaiting trial number two, made a surprise appearance on the Daily Show last night, and defends the exodus of Wisconsin’s Democratic senators.

“These lawmakers standing up for working people, and the fundamental rights of working people to bargain collectively with their employers, that is [bleeping] golden,” he says to correspondent John Oliver.

Oliver had met Blago (described as “former warlord” of a “corrupt wasteland”) in a park and asks him if he knows where the senators are.

“If you had the information, would you sell it to me?” Oliver asks.

“I would not,” Blago replies.

To which Oliver says, “Because if you had that information, it would be [bleeping] golden.”

Have a chuckle, below (Blagojevich piece begins around 2:40):


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