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Trap Them's Darker Handcraft Slays My Face


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I'm aware that I haven't shut up about these dudes since I saw them open a five-band bill headlined by Napalm Death a couple years back at the House of Blues. They stole the show in front of about 30 people who'd skipped out early on work to get there at exactly 5:30 PM for their 20-minute set. That tour was in support of 2008's Seizures of Barren Praise, a blastbeat-ridden ripper that recalls the best parts of Tragedy and Disfear and adds a hardcore edge. It's really very awesome.

Late last year I wrote about the band's Filth Rations EP, mainly because I was getting impatient for their new full-length, Darker Handcraft (Prosthetic). Though the vinyl recently dropped, the album's official release date is March 15. Recorded by Coverge's Kurt Ballou at his GodCity studio, it maintains the fuck-you-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on attitude of Seizures but also benefits greatly from the addition of former Coliseum drummer Chris Maggio, whose frenetic style finds the space it never could in Coliseum. Songs from the album have been leaking for a couple of months—it's been like the Internet was taunting me. So now that I have Darker Handcraft in its entirety, I'm gonna taunt you, if just for a week. You can check out "Damage Prose" below. It'll make you want to Hulk-smash some damn parking meters. Everyone does still hate the parking meters, right?

Trap Them: "Damage Prose":