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Your Lazy Ass Might Like This Tracks App


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In order to really appreciate Conceited Software's Tracks app you kind of need to be one of those Mac power users who's so efficiency-minded and/or lazy that the idea of using three keystrokes just to play or pause a song in your iTunes (command-tab, y'all) makes you roll your eyes. Either that or you need to have zero attention span when it comes to music listening. Since music journalists tend to be lazy geeks who switch between songs at a rapid clip, this app is extremely handy for those types in particular.

Tracks doesn't do much at all, but for the right kind of person the couple of little things it does do are very nice. It puts a little icon up at the top of your screen, next to the the wi-fi signal indicator and stuff, and clicking on that icon pops open a little bar similar to your Mac's Spotlight, with a window for entering text. After you enter text, Tracks searches your iTunes and serves up the results, complete with album art, in a handy little window below. Even better than that, you can assign a key combination to open the Tracks bar, so you don't even have to reach for the mouse or trackpad—allowing you to, say, put on a particular Danzig track with only the briefest distraction from composing your Danzig-related tweet, and without moving your hands from typing position. Even better than that, you can assign other hotkey combos to other common commands, like playing and pausing iTunes and skipping ahead or back a track.

(The app can also connect to your account and scrobble your tracks in the background, but I prefer not to engage in any activity that goes by the name "scrobbling.")

The extent to which even just the hotkey play/pause control has made me a happier person probably means that I'm very shallow and terrible, but I don't care. I'll make up for it by devoting the seconds per day I save by using it to charity work or something.

Tracks is 99 cents in the Mac App Store.


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