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Saturday: the Hideout's All-Day SXSW Sendoff Party


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Playing South by Southwest is cool and all, but it can get expensive: there's the gas for the drive, money for a room or two at the nearest Motel 6 that isn't totally booked, and of course alcohol expenses. Food's actually pretty important too, from what I hear. So with that in mind, the Hideout again presents its all-day SXSW sendoff tomorrow, featuring 11 local bands that are fixing to head off to Austin and its 80-degree weather. The festivities kick off around 1:30 PM and tickets are $10 at the door. Proceeds are divided evenly between the bands at the end of the night.

The Reader has written about several of the bands playing, so check out the lineup below and click on the links for our take. The lineup, last band first:

Outer Minds
Joan of Arc
Radar Eyes
Tiger Bones
Skull Orchard
Paul Cary
Rabble Rabble
Waco Brothers
Kids These Days

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