In Your Morning Newsfeed: Japan Prepares for Nuclear Catastrophe, $4 Million in Pot, Bartman's Back, and More | Bleader

In Your Morning Newsfeed: Japan Prepares for Nuclear Catastrophe, $4 Million in Pot, Bartman's Back, and More


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The news out of Japan is getting worse as the country inches closer to a nuclear meltdown. An explosion further damaged a nuclear reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Experts say the result could be worse than Chernobyl. (NY Times)

Meanwhile, construction on nuclear plants in Europe has halted (NY Times), and those living near Illinois's six plants are split on their safety (Tribune).

The first rule of Twitter should be "Thou Shalt Not Make Light of Tragedies," a credo lost on comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who was fired from his job as the voice of the Aflac duck (Tribune), and WNBA'er Cappie Pondexter, who apologized for her insensitive comments (Deadspin).

A Minneapolis blogger has been ordered to pay $60,000 to a man he connected - correctly - to mortgage fraud. Jerry Moore was studying mortgage foreclosures for the University of Minnesota when "Johnny Northside" linked Moore to a real estate agent serving time for fraud. Moore was fired, and sued Johnny Northside for lost wages and emotional distress. (Star Tribune)

Frank Calabrese, Jr., son of the former head of the Chicago Outfit who cooperated with the feds as they investigated the mob, was supposed to have a book signing at an Oak Brook Borders. That is until Borders received a threatening phone call, in which the caller allegedly said, "no rats can sign books here." The book signing has been canceled. (Tribune)

This is a whole lot of weed. (Daily Herald)

Hey, Steve Bartman's back in the news! ESPN is debuting a documentary on that fateful eve in October 2003. Meanwhile, there are apparently no plans for an Alex Gonzalez documentary. (Tribune)

The Sun-Times has had a really gripping series on the death of a young suburbanite whose unsolved death occurred after a night of drinking on Rush Street. The Sun-Times has fingered Mayor Daley's nephew as the assailant who threw the punch that eventually killed David Koschman. The cops have closed the case, and no charges have been filed. (Sun-Times)

Could there be an end to the smoking ban in bars? (Fox Chicago News)

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