In Your Morning Newsfeed: Rahm's Dominance, Basketball Blues, War in Libya, Americans are Dumb, and More



An advocacy group for bicyclists is pressuring the state to keep stats of "dooring" incidents. (Tribune)

Sheriff Tom Dart says more dumped bodies have been found at Burr Oak Cemetery. (Tribune)

We know Rahm Emanuel won decisively, but a new analysis shows he won nearly every black neighborhood. (Sun-Times)

Sun-Times owner Jim Tyree's death was ruled an accident late Friday. (Sun-Times)

Our local teams didn't fare so well in the NCAA tournament. Illinois got bounced by Kansas, and Florida State sunk Notre Dame. (Tribune)

The situation in Japan - 18,000 dead and smoldering nuclear plants - remains dire. (AP)

American and European forces began striking Libya over the weekend, but Gadhaffi remains defiant. (NY Times)

Meanwhile, questions about the mission in the U.S., and Libya releases four journalists. (NY Times)

In Bahrain, a crackdown against protesters - with the help of the Saudi army - continues, and there is unrest in Syria. (NY Times)

Do you know who the vice president is? Twenty-nine percent of us don't, according to a Newsweek survey.

A German newspaper has published photos of what it alleges to be U.S. Army soldiers posing with Afghans they murdered. (NY Daily News)

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