In Your Morning Newsfeed: The Carson's Clock That Never Was, Leaving Illinois, First Face Transplant, Showing Up to Court Drunk, and More



Recently unearthed sketches from legendary architect Louis Sullivan's archives show plans for a wrought-iron Carson Pirie Scott. Blair Kamin takes on the mystery of the clock that could have been. (Tribune)

Former state senator and erstwhile Republican candidate for Cook County Board president Roger Keats is peacing out. Citing Illinois's high property taxes, corruption, and broken budget, Keats and his wife are moving to Texas, where, presumably, the budget is intact and there is no corruption. (Wilmette Beacon)

A U.S. jet crashed in Libya, due to mechanical failures. Both crewman are safe. (NY Times)

The nation's first full facial transplant was completed, helping a Texas man horribly disfigured and blinded by an accident. The 25-year-old's head came in contact with a high-voltage wire, leaving him without lips and a nose. (NY Daily News WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO)

If you are going to court to face DUI charges, here's a tip - and, full disclosure, I'm no lawyer, so I can't really give you legal advice, but - don't show up drunk. Or carrying a bag of beer. Just don't. (Lawrence Journal-World/Times Herald-Record)

Rarely do you see journalists calling one another out for being hacks, but CNN's Nic Robertson does just that in this tirade against Fox News.

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