In Your Morning Newsfeed: Cost-Conscious Terrorist, Jewel's New Bagging Policy, More Cops on the Streets, $9 Million, Knut Is Dead, and More



The underwear bomber who tried to detonate his skivvies over Detroit initially planned to blow up a plane over Chicago. But the flight was too expensive. (Tribune)

Jewel-Osco's new policy means no double-bagging, no bagging of items with handles, and no paper or plastic option. (Sun-Times)

Did you buy a lotto ticket that won last year? Today is the last day to claim your $9 million. Get on it! (Tribune)

UPDATE: The winner has located his ticket. Phew! (Fox Chicago News)

This local lawyer has been deemed a "menace" to his clients. (Tribune)

The city's new top cop may put more beat cops on the street. (Sun-Times)

Knut, the cute polar bear, died this week. And apparently he had brain damage.


Also, it's spelled K-N-U-T! (Gawker)

That crazy scamp Ghaddafi tried to strong-arm American companies into paying Libya's Lockerbie fine. Some of them complied. (NY Times)

Harry Houdini is still entrancing, on the eve of his 137th birthday. (Guardian)

Leprosy is still a problem in India, despite the disease's declared eradication. (Guardian)

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