In Your Morning Newsfeed: Sex & Booze at the Forest Preserve, Superman in Chicago, An Escaped Cobra, and More



Oh, to work at the Cook County Forest Preserve, where investigators found employees on the job to be drinking, having sex with subordinates, and skimming money off the top. The story has gone international. (Sun-Times)

First Gotham, now Metropolis? Crain's reports that the new Superman movie will be partially filmed in Chicago. (Crain's)


An inspiring tale of a young woman from the LeClaire public housing project who is about to graduate from Yale. (Tribune)

Police are questioning a suspect in a bizarre beating of a homeless man this weekend, in which he was sodomized by a tree branch. (Tribune)

Target's next target: Cabrini-Green. (Tribune)

One more reason not to go to New York: A poisonous cobra snake has escaped from the Bronx Zoo. (Sun-Times)

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