Morning Newsfeed: Muti's Ready to Go, Radiation in the Burbs, Underage Drinking, Losing Out on the Lotto, and More



Former Chicago Police Chief Jody Weis spills the dirt on "whiners" in the department, and why he wore a uniform, even though he was never a Chicago cop. (Tribune)

Oft-injured and ill CSO director Riccardo Muti says he's healthy and ready to lead the orchestra. (Tribune)

Radiation from Japan has been detected in DuPage and Will Counties. (Fox Chicago)

Eleven people were injured as a gunfight caused a CTA bus to crash in Englewood. (Tribune)

The city's inspector general says a Streets and San boss should be fired for making his underlings get him cigars and wash his car on city time. (Sun-Times)

Alexi Giannoulias may be in the running to be the next chairman of the City Colleges of Chicago. (Sun-Times)

A 12-year-old was served beer at a suburban pool hall. That's some fake ID. (Sun-Times)

You know when your coworkers ask if you want to go in on lotto tickets? Do it, for chrissake, do it. Or else you might end up like this guy. (NY Post)

The Libyan woman whisked away by security forces after claiming she was raped by Ghaddafi loyalists is missing. (Time)


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