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Former Rocker Don Gerard Elected Mayor of Champaign


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Don Gerard
  • Don Gerard
Don Gerard, a longtime fixture in Champaign-Urbana's indie-rock scene, was elected mayor of Champaign yesterday. I haven't seen or spoken to him in many years, but I remember Gerard, who played drums and bass in countless bands beginning in the mid-80s, as enthusiastic, energetic, and expertly sarcastic. His aesthetic sensibilities leaned toward punk and roots music, but his best-known group, the Moon Seven Times, was a 4AD-worshiping, goth-leaning outfit. He also played in the Farmboys, a band fronted by recording engineer Adam Schmitt; the Bowery Boys, fronted by Chicagoan Leroy Bach (Uptighty, Five Style, Wilco); and Steve Pride & His Blood Kin, which also included Jay Bennett. For a time he lived in the Champaign rock palace known as the Ten Shitty Guy House, which at one time or another housed members of the Didjits and Titanic Love Affair.

Today's playlist:

Steely Dan, Pretzel Logic (MCA)
Knut Hamre, Ferd (Heilo)
Chris Watson, Stepping Into the Dark (Touch)
Jaki Byard Experience, Jaki Byard Experience (Prestige/OJC)
Autechre, Move of Ten (Warp)

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